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Kalila Skin Studio

Kalila Skin Studio is a boutique oasis, focused on a comprehensive and personalized approach to skin health and beauty. The goal of the studio is to assist you in your journey to healthy and optimal skin with the use effective treatments and well-formulated ingredients that are ethically sourced. Kalila is committed to the skincare needs of her wide range of clients and provides premier, soothing and rejuvenating treatments.

The Ultimate Luxury Facial Treatments

The secret to beautifully enhanced skin is a healthy lifestyle and an excellent skincare routine. You can change how you live your life and improve your overall appearance by rejuvenating your skin through comprehensive treatments. Our Studio offers premier treatments, using only the finest products to refresh, replenish and reinvigorate your skin.

The studio offers specialized treatments under the trained and experienced hands of Kalila, a licensed esthetician and the owner. Sculptural Face Lifting, a unique approach to beauty, is a service made popular by Meghan Markle.

We also offer new and innovative treatments such as Face Reality treatments, using their product line formulated with proven and effective ingredients. Also offered are new, innovative skincare treatments that are personalized to treat different skin ailments for different people.

The products used in the treatments provided by our studio are cruelty-free and ethically sourced. The studio believes in sustainable beauty and offers services to all skin types and all ages. We believe the treatment of skin ailments is most effective when done with well-formulated products that are backed by science.

Our spa emphasizes a healthy lifestyle for healthy, beautiful skin. The studio offers wellness-related products along with facials and skincare services.

Face Reality Acne Treatment
(60 minutes) Combining the power of clinical-grade products customized to your skin. Face Reality Skincare has a 90% success rate in clearing acne!
Hyperpigmentation Facial
(60 minutes) Combining the power of clinical-grade products customized to your skin. This healing treatment works to lighten hyperpigmentation and prevent further damage from external factors.
Signature Facial
(60 minutes) This ultra relaxing treatment increases blood circulation, drains lymph, whilst delivering antioxidants and maximum hydration to the skin. (Extractions are optional)
Enhanced Signature Facial
(75 minutes) The esthetician enhances this service with professional devices such as MicroCurrent, Ultrasound, or Oxygen. This ultra relaxing treatment increases blood circulation, drains lymph, whilst delivering antioxidants and maximum hydration to the skin.
- extractions optional)
Sculptural Face Lifting
(60 minutes) A unique approach to natural rejuvenation. A non-invasive approach to manipulate and rejuvenate the skin naturally.*

Our Treatments

Enhanced Sculptural Face Lifting
(75 minutes) By helping the muscles relax, the Sculptural Face Lift restores the elasticity, tightens and smoothens the skin. Microcurrent is used.*

*Add-On Buccal Massage – The skincare professional will knead the inside and outside of your mouth and jaw area. If you are interested in the addition of Buccal Massage please contact us for more information.

Our Services

Kalila Skin Studio is a new and upcoming studio that offers skincare services to women of all ages and skin types. The skincare studio offers traditional skincare treatments as well as new and innovative treatments. Our focus is on providing treatments and ingredients that are well-formulated and have been proven effective, with non-invasive methods that bring about soothing, healing, and healthy growth.


Sculptural Face Lifting is a name given to a type of facial massage popularly known as Buccal Massage. The Buccal Massage or Sculptural Face Lifting has revolutionized the traditional approach to facial skincare. The treatment is non-invasive and brings about the many benefits of healthy skin.


Acne is a common occurrence that many people experience at some time in their lives or throughout their lifetimes. Acne is a skin condition that often causes blackheads or pimples and whiteheads. It occurs when the hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. At her studio, Kalila uses the Face Reality line of products and treatment. Face Reality treatments are customized based on the type of acne and use clinical-grade products. This treatment helps reduce or remove acne in under three to four months.


The Temple of Beauty Facial has been designed according to the tenets of the Odacité philosophy, and the focus is not only rejuvenating the skin, but also uplifting the spirit and revitalizing the body and mind with the nutrients and care it needs to relax and revive.


Treat Yourself to the Exquisite

The skin is one of the most unique and beautiful parts of the body, and Kalila Skin Spa strives to enhance skin health and help every client achieve optimal skin health and their desired aesthetic. Daily life can take a toll on the skin’s condition, and our facility has made it their mission to make highly effective, proven treatments easily accessible to anyone in the LA area. The studio is a new skin treatment center that has a lot to offer, with a focus on the mind, body, and spirit.

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Kalila Skin Studio

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