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Temple of Beauty Facial

Your path to healthier, more vibrant skin.

A skin treatment unlike any other

You are a Goddess, and you deserve to be pampered like one. The Signature Facial has been crafted to offer the most luxurious skincare treatment through a beauty regimen that uses pure and wholesome elements.

Kalila Skin Studio supports the Odacité philosophy of beauty. Kalila believes that the skin is more than just an aesthetic organ; it is, in fact, the most beautiful expression of your soul and your innermost being. The skin is respected and requires the most dedicated care to help it blossom.

We honor your skin

  1. The Signature Facial has been designed according to the tenets of the Kalila Skin Studio philosophy, which not only focuses on rejuvenating your skin, but also uplifting your spirit and revitalizing your body and mind. This spa session combines the very best in skincare, bringing together organic botanicals, essential oils, enriched formulations, and ancestral beauty practices. Together, these elements will imbue your skin with the nutrients and care it needs to relax and revive. After the treatment, your skin will look healthier, more vibrant, and more moisturized.

The Signature Facial is a highly-customized skincare treatment that is designed specifically for each individual.


Choose from one of three relaxing facials

Kalila Skin Studio offers three different types of enriched and revitalizing facials as part of the Temple of Beauty Facial package:

  • Rejuvenation Facial 

The rejuvenation facial has been crafted to transform your skin into a picture of health and vibrance. This is a treatment that starts with an organic face peel, followed by a revitalizing mask and a relaxing face massage, that locks in three super-enriched natural serums that can instantly lift, plump and brighten your skin.

  • Brightening Facial 

Constant exposure to pollution can take away the natural sheen of your skin. The brightening facial we offer focuses on using the most organic fruit acid masks and specially formulated enzymes, bringing your skin to a glowing and supple state. It utilizes aloe vera mist and specialized serums during a gentle hot/cold massage, to reawaken your skin and give it brightness and radiance.

  • Detox Facial 

The skin is highly-absorbent, and no matter how many masks you use at home, some impurities remain embedded deep inside your dermis. The detox facial has been specially designed to remove these deep impurities. It starts with an activated charcoal and clay face mask to clear the first layer of impurities, followed by a lymphatic face drainage treatment that drains the deep-embedded toxins and impurities. Once complete, the facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revived.

Our Temple of Beauty Facial process

The Temple of Beauty Facial is an 8-step process that takes between 60 & 90 minutes to complete. Here is what you can expect:


The aromatherapy session starts with you breathing deeply of a specially formulated and natural essential oil blend. Depending on the time of the day you come in for treatment, one of these blends is used:

  • Morning – Essence of Joy Blend
  • Afternoon – Open & Surrender Blend
  • Evening – Sacred Harmony Blend

Triple Cleanse

Next, your skin is readied for the deep facial by cleansing it with three special cleansing waters – Blue Aura, Black Mint & Gentle Rejuvenating cleansers. They will remove the first layer of impurities.

Gentle Exfoliation

At this stage, your chosen facial treatment – Rejuvenation, Brightening or Detox – is done. A variety of elements is used such as bentonite clay, papaya enzyme, probiotics, fruit acids, and Vitamin C – in a completely customized combination that is based on your needs – to provide the facial.

Toxin Extraction

Once the serums and enzymes of the facial treatment are massaged into your skin, your skin is steamed to open the pores and allow toxins to escape. A gentle massage following the steaming will relax your skin and make it glow.

Plumping, Restoration & Smoothening

Next, a combination of bioactive Rose Gommage, pineapple & papaya enzymes, and Konjac Root is applied onto your skin and gently massaged in. These will hydrate your skin, activate your skin cells, and cleanse your skin of its toxins.

Crystal Gua Sha Facial

In the crystal Gua Sha treatment, a natural crystal is used to safely scrape off impurities and dead cells from your skin. This allows new and healthier skin cells to become visible, and it also improves circulation in your face, making it glow. A combination of three serums is then used to refresh your skin further.

Nutrient Sealing

Finally, a custom formulated moisturizer, which is enriched with organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, is used to lock-in all the serums, enzymes, and nutrients of the facial into your skin. This ensures the results last longer.

To schedule the Temple of Beauty Facial from Kalila Skin Studio, reach out today


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